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"No coach prepared me for life as a college basketball player, and now a coach, as much as Coach Miller did. Period." - Tysor Anderson

My experience with the Atlanta AllStars was unforgettable. The relationships I built with my teammates and coaches were ones that I'll value for a long time. On the court, I grew as a player. In just a few months with Coach Miller, I learned more about basketball than I had in my previous five AAU seasons combined. It was a blast! - Zack Kaminsky

Playing for Coach Miller and the Atlanta AllStars was one of the most memorable and beneficial experiences of my life. I was blessed with a great coach and a great group of guys to share the summer experience. Seven years later I am still in contact with most of the team and have conversations with Coach Miller. I was able to create some lifelong friendships while also being able to advance my basketball skill set which has allowed me to play at the next level. Playing for Coach Miller and the Atlanta AllStars and being challenged to better myself not only in basketball but as a person, is one of the biggest reasons why I am still able to be on the court today, overseas in Europe. - Josh Sparks

Playing for Coach Miller and the Atlanta AllStars was an unforgettable experience! Coach Miller's greatest attribute is his ability to make his players believe in themselves. In the game of basketball, confidence is everything and Coach Miller understands that! The AllStars are a first class organization and I'm proud to have been a part of their success! - Michael Moynihan

I took advantage of the opportunity to play for Coach Miller and the Atlanta AllStars my junior season of high school. The exposure was great and I was able to travel the country playing for the AllStars which eventually led to a Division I scholarship, a dream come true for me. The memories, experiences and the relationships I made are life lasting and I am still in contact with Coach Miller and teammates today. - Parker Smith

I had a great experience as an Atlanta AllStar. Looking back, it was one of the best summers I have had in my life. One important thing we did was travel together, eat together, and stay in the same hotel as a team. As a student athlete in college now, I recognize the importance of doing things with your team, and this team was great preparation for my college experience. Also, we played in big tournaments all across the country against some of the top competition. We had a great following from college coaches, especially from high academic colleges. Playing with the Atlanta AllStars gave me great exposure. Playing for Atlanta AllStars was a great experience and opportunity. - Riley Criswell

Playing for the Atlanta AllStars was the best AAU experience I have ever had. Our team got along really well, which showed on the floor. The AllStars was the most talented AAU team I have played for. We played the right way, sharing the ball and playing solid defense. Coach Miller was really fun to play for, he brought high energy every day and was always positive. This was the most fun team I have ever played for. - Sean Brennan

Being a part of the Atlanta AllStars has been an incredible experience that allowed me to have opportunities at the next level. The beauty was being on a team with ten other players that had the same goal, which was to play college basketball. When a whole team is motivated to succeed and become better players it makes being a part of it that much more exciting. There are hundreds of teams out there that only provide exposure. The Atlanta AllStars makes you a player that college coaches want on their team. I was part of a team that makes you coachable. - Kerney Lane

I am very thankful and grateful to have had the opportunity to play for a coach and a program such as Coach Miller and the Atlanta All-Stars. His ability to develop, teach, and connect with his players is second to none. He runs a high quality program built on loyalty, hard work, and character. Coach Miller takes care of his players during their time as an All-Star and long after your playing days over for him. Coach Miller not only taught me how to be a better player, but he more importantly taught me how to be a teammate and a competitor. Playing for the Atlanta All-Stars was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my basketball career, and I am very humbled to have been a part of it. - Alex Reid

I have had many great experiences throughout my basketball career, but my time spent with Coach Miller and the Atlanta Allstars ranks as one of the top. The Allstars organization allowed me as a player to showcase my skills, but most importantly it showed me how you can win with a bunch of guys who enjoy playing together. Coach Miller is one of the most knowledgeable and respectful coaches I know. He takes pride in giving each of his players a chance to play at the next level, and he does that by running a well organized and hardworking team and organization. I was very privileged to have played for coach Miller, and if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have had the fun and successful career I have had in college. You won't find a better AAU team or coach around! - Tanner Plemmons

My experience with the Atlanta AllStars was about more than just exposure. From day one I was coached and treated like college player. Coach Miller taught me what was going to be expected of me at the next level both on and off the court. I left his program a far greater communicator and leader than when I walked in. Those important characteristics have carried over beyond my playing years and will be cornerstones to my future success. - Hamilton Bailey

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